Babies Make 4!

The Tale of the Two Ream Babies!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

June 2008

Nudist Camp nap time...

Obsessed with the Shoes...

Don't GG's shoes look spectacular on me?

Baby Ruth!

Clean up, clean up!

May 2008

Give momma a hug

Kiss my boo boo! - James

I got it! James

Whhhhaaa I can't get my way! - Shane

April 2008

Shane's First ride on the Carousel

Me and the boys at the Wild Animal Park

Shane and Addy having a ton of fun!

Two crazy terrors!!!

Ooooooooh I am telling!

Reading about my Lord!

How may I be of service? - James

Hello, are you there? Can you hear me?

This is the best! James

Shane and Grandpa Del

James with Grandma Jill

Kisses!- James

Just reading Noah's Ark to my brother!

Alright mom, I get it....James

New Lawn Chairs

Yon't Ta Play?

New Slide!

Dare Devil Shane

Superman James

Do I jump?? Shane

Ok, let me learn all the bad habits! James